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CNN's Rachel Nichols dares to question the imperious Roger Goodell

How dare CNN's Rachel Nichols ask a real question at Super Bowl press conference

Check out this condescending, smug and imperious answer from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to CNN correspondent Rachel Nichols when she asks if NFL-led-and-paid-for investigations of NFL matters have an inherent conflict of interest.

Of course, they do.

But Goodell says, of course, they don't.

And off he goes talking about "integrity." He must believe if he says it enough someone will start to believe he has it.

Oh wait, NFL analyst Cris Collinsworth is a true believer. Remember Collinsworth kissing Goodell's ring during the second round of the playoffs and saying how he never doubted Goodell's "integrity" through the whole sorry, nasty, bungled Ray Rice affair?

Good for Nichols for standing up in the middle of a sea of softballs thrown during a pre-Super Bowl press conference out in Phoenix -- and daring to risk Goodell's wrath.

I hope CNN is behind her on this and doesn't cower before Goodell like NBC.

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