Chelsea Clinton finds her level interviewing Geico Gecko

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I have been complaining for more than a year about what a journalistically bankrupt decision NBC News made in hiring Chelsea Clinton as a special correspondent for Brian Williams "Rock Center."


I have reviewed each of her performances chronicling the downward arc of her learning curve. NBC's make-believe correspondent really did keep getting worse.

But this is too embarrassing to even talk about. Even I am speechless. This says it is time to pack it in.

Clinton, who started out on "Rock Center" sounding as if she took the special correspondent job as a public service to shine a light on selfless people who were doing good but otherwise unsung work in their communities, is now interviewing the Geico Gecko.

I did not see the report as it aired on "Rock Center" Friday. Given the ratings for "Rock Center," I wonder if anyone did.

But this is the video that NBC News posted (above).

And this is how NBC News described Clinton's report on the newsmagazine website: "As part of Rock Center's look at some of the most popular television advertisements, Special Correspondent Chelsea Clinton talked to Geico's Gecko. The Gecko reflected on his new book and his embarrassing high school yearbook photo along with his rise as one of television's most popular ad men."

The posting is curious in its own right, since it includes only the interview with the Gecko and not the rest of the report. Nor does it include any video of her sitting with Williams after the report and chatting, as has been the norm with her other reports.

I hope Brian Williams is proud of what he and Steve Capus brought to the world of TV journalism with this presidential daughter.

You remember Capus, the recently deposed president of NBC News who announced the Clinton hiring by saying it was as if she had been preparing her whole life for the job he gave her on "Rock Center."