David Zurawik

Ben Carson says he was audited by IRS after criticizing Obama at prayer breakfast

Ben Carson is back on Fox News and knee deep in innuendo again against the Obama administration.

The former Johns Hopkins neurosurgeon is suggesting that he was targeted by the I.R.S. for remarks made at a prayer breakfast in February that were critical of President Obama, who was in attendance at the event.


But check out the video from Carson's appearance Wednesday on Bill O'Reilly's show and note the way he worms out of a direct answer when the host asks him point blank if he believes he was targeted for his remarks -- or the timing of the alleged audit was a coincidence.

And then, note the way he calls something that he just acknowledged might or might not have happened for the reasons he said it did an event that is "much more serious than Watergate or Iran-Contra or even Benghazigate."


O'REILLY: So, do you really believe that because you criticized some of the president's policies at the prayer breakfast that the I.R.S was going, 'Why don't you give him a little jazz?' Do you think that happened?"

CARSON: Well, whether that was the case or not, the fundamental issue here is that the freedom of our citizens is being threatened. You know, I think this is a much more serious thing than Watergate or Iran-Contra or Bengazigate. Freedom of speech, freedom of expression, is one of the major principles of our country."

The bold face is mine, because I want to emphasize that if the timing was a coincidence, then everything he says afterward is moot and kind of nutty to be even talking about. There is no threat to his freedom of speech.

And even if it did happen, is he really such an egomaniac that he thinks the I.R.S. investigating him is bigger than Watergate? Does he really think an audit of Ben Carson is bigger than a president resigning in disgrace?

There are a lot of first-rate and intellectually rigorous minds at Hopkins, and seeing this kind of intellectual sloppiness (maybe even dishonesty) from Carson Wednesday night on "The O'Reilly Factor" makes he think maybe it was time for him to leave the operating room for the land of cable TV, partisan, reckless, crazy talk.

Check out the video. You be the judge.

And, by all means, stay tuned to the end to hear him call out the media. Yeah, Ben Carson, media critic, alleging a cover up by the media. I can't wait for his next claim of conspiracy and cover up.