David Zurawik

Bill Ripken joins Bob Costas for Red Sox, Yankees on MLB Friday

Far be it from me to suggest anyone interested in TV baseball watch anything but the Orioles game Friday night.

Still, given the O's last three games in Arizona, having a backup plan seems like a good idea just in case things start to fall apart -- again.


And the MLB Network has a nice alternative with Bob Costas and Bill Ripken doing the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox at 7 p.m. Friday.

It's Ripken's first game with Costas, and I think the pairing is indicative of how well the one-time O's infielder is doing in the studio and the booth these days.


Here's some more information on the game from MLB:

While Bill has called MLB Network Showcase games in previous years, this will be his first of the 2013 season...

 Andy Pettitte is scheduled to pitch for the Yankees against Felix Doubront of the Red Sox, and the game marks the second of three trips the Yankees are making to Fenway Park this season.

A few of the storylines that could be covered by Bill and Bob during the game are:

-  The new scheduling in MLB this season, which will make September very entertaining.  Starting Friday at Fenway, 33 of the Yankees' final 44 games are against the AL East.  They have 13 games combined left with the Orioles and the Rays.

-  The rapid rebuild of the Red Sox from 2012 to 2013, and why the Yankees may not have as easy a path if they hope to make changes to the roster in 2014 and beyond.

-  How the improvement of teams throughout the AL East division over the last few years has made the Red Sox, Orioles, Yankees and Rays now appointment viewing for fans of those franchises.

I'll have a review of their performance up this weekend here at Z on TV. Please stop back.