3. Neil Cavuto (Fox Business Network)

In this picture: Neil Cavuto with co-moderator Maria Bartiromo

It took a lot of bad work by Cavuto to jump ahead of anyone from CNBC's trio from Mars. But Cavuto did it with questions like this one to Ben Carson in a November debate:

"Dr. Carson, you recently railed against the double standard in the media, sir, that seems obsessed with inconsistencies and potential exaggerations in your life story, but then looked the other way when it came to then Senator Barack Obama's. Still, as a candidate whose brand has always been trust, are you worried that your campaign, which you've always said, sir, is bigger than you, is now being hurt by this?"

As I wrote at the time, this isn't a journalist questioning a candidate. This is Sean Hannity genuflecting before Sarah Palin during the 2008 campaign when he used his show to try and help the GOP ticket of Palin and John McCain get elected.

First of all, it sounds from the question like the alleged "double standard" is a fact, or, at least, something Cavuto believes in along with Carson.

Second, how has Carson's "brand" always been "trust"? Trust in what -- that he was a good surgeon, because he's only been a candidate the last couple of years?Was his brand "trust" when he was mainly a Fox News contributor after retiring from Johns Hopkins? That would make him a rarity among most talking heads on cable news, wouldn't it?And what the heck does "which you've always said is bigger than you" mean? Doesn't every candidate say that, implying they are vessel of something good in America or great in heaven?

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