2016 Baltimore mayoral candidate profiles

Still under fire, former Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon eyes a comeback

Six years after her resignation, thousands of Baltimoreans want Sheila Dixon back as mayor.

In race for Baltimore mayor, Elizabeth Embry strives to stand out

Elizabeth Embry tries to make a 20-minute sale to the 50 potential voters jammed inside Bertha's dining room: She's a fixer driven to make city government work the same for people in West Baltimore as it does for residents of Roland Park.

A famous activist, mayoral candidate DeRay Mckesson tries to win over Baltimore

For many outside of Maryland, Deray Mckesson is the best-known candidate running for mayor of Baltimore. But few know him here.

Nick Mosby bills himself as new-age leader in Baltimore mayoral race

Nick J. Mosby recites the details of his life story countless times along the campaign trail: the son of harried single mother, a middle school student adrift in a struggling system and family man who took a chance on a forsaken Baltimore neighborhood.

Catherine Pugh says experience and energy set her apart in mayoral race

Maryland state. Sen. Catherine E. Pugh says her experience and wealth of ideas for improving Baltimore make her the right candidate to be the city's mayor.

Old loss still haunting him, Carl Stokes seeks Baltimore mayor's office again

City Councilman Carl Stokes has been a leader on the issues for years. Will his third try at mayor result in a win?

Businessman David Warnock says Baltimore's ready for 'a different kind of candidate' for mayor

Businessman and philanthropist David Warnock, known for his ads featuring a battered pickup truck, says he wants to use his "god-given skill set" as Baltimore's next mayor.

Some candidates for Baltimore mayor struggle for attention in crowded Democratic primary

The Democratic primary in the Baltimore mayor's race boasts a formidable slate of hopefuls, including a former mayor, a state senator, two city councilmen, an attorney and a businessman. With that competition, the remaining candidates have struggled to attract attention and money.

Republican mayoral candidates debate in Baltimore, asking for a change

The five Republicans running for mayor haven't reported raising a single dollar. Only one has a working website. But they're hoping that voters in deep-blue Baltimore, which is reeling from record homicides and the first riots in half-a-century, are willing to give the GOP a chance anyway.