Adam Richman with Faidley's famed sandwich

The celebrated crab cake sandwich at Baltimore's Faidley Seafood  gets some national TV love Wednesday night at 9 on the Travel Channel.

Faidley's crab cake on white bread with lettuce and tomato is featured on "Adam Richman's Best Sandwich in America," with the host stopping in Baltimore on this week's hunt for the top sandwich in the Mid-Atlantic. Be there at the start of the show, because Faidley's is up first in the opening 10 minutes.

The idea is that Richman takes a different region of the country each week for 10 weeks. In each region, he pits three sandwiches against each other, and declares one the winner. The winner from each of the 10 weeks, competes in a grand finale episode in which Richman will select America's best sandwich.

Sound a little cooked-up-for-TV-artificial?

Yes, it does, Z. Now shut your yap, because Baltimore is getting some good pub on your beat, and you should be nice -- for once.

OK, let's be nice.

Richman rates each sandwich on his BITE Scale (B=Bread, I=Interior, T=Taste, E=Eating Experience.)

I am going to be diplomatic (if I can't be nice for more than paragraph), particularly in not giving away anything that might serve as a spoiler.

I ask you, the reader, in return to stop back here and post comments with your thoughts after you have seen the show Wednesday night. (I think folks in Baltimore are going to have some strong opinions. I will say no more, because I am being nice.)

Faidley's competition is a chicken club sandwich that you can only get through room service at a D.C. hotel. Personally, I think the fact that you have to check into an upscale hotel to get the sandwich should disqualify it. But, again, I am trying to be nice, so who am I to say?

The Richmond sandwich is called the CSS Virginia, and if you are looking for size, this monster is your kind of eating.

On the plus side, Richman's cameras take viewers backstage at Faidley's for more of a look than I expected at how the crab cake sandwiches are prepared. Have a notepad ready; you will want to get some of the details down. Seriously, I really enjoyed the backstage stuff, and I tip my hat to the Richman and his producers.

And, of course, Richman is lavish in his praise for what Faidley's serves. The fact that he appreciates it is nice, too.

But I have to say I don't like the BITE test one bit. In fact, I think it is kind of ridiculous to let an acronym determine your judging standards. And call me homer if you want, Richman is no Duff Goldman. He's not even an Anthony Bourdain, and I think Bourdain is the most over-rated hotdog on cable TV.

But that's all I'm going to say, because I am trying to be nice.

And before you say anything, I urge you to watch the show, and then share your thoughts right here.