Item: Complaints when profane language appears in newspapers typically assert that such language will have a bad effect on children.

Who are these children reading newspapers?


Item: Opposition to proposals for government-sponsored health care usually express misgivings that such coverage would lead to huge expense, massive paperwork, a slow-moving bureaucracy, and delays in care.

Who are these people who love their insurance companies?

Item: As I drive to work down St. Paul Street, there is always someone in an SUV the size of a Mississippi riverboat fumbling an attempt at parallel parking.

Who are these people who spend a fortune on an ungainly machine they can barely maneuver?

Item: Ax-throwing bars are opening around the area.

Who are these people who think that drinking and throwing sharp-edged tools are a good combination?

Item: I used to frequent a pub that served draft Smithwick’s, Harp and Guinness, as well as Baltimore’s own Resurrection.

Who were those people drinking bottles of Bud Light?

Item: Last week the Maryland Delaware District of Columbia Press Associated declared this blog the top contender in its category in the annual competition.

Who are these people who think highly of this stuff I write?