What sort of person reads "You Don't Say"?

Having commented repeatedly on the literacy and exclusivity of the audience for this blog, I'd like to turn today to some particulars. Assuming, I think reasonably, that people who follow me as @johnemcintyre on Twitter are also likely readers of this blog, I present some recent followers and their self-descriptions.
carrie mason-draffen (@newsgirlie): "Newsday reporter/columnist, author of 151 Quick Ideas to Deal With Difficult People." Haven't read it, but if it excludes firearms and the cat, it must be an impressive list. 
Lauren Raab @raablauren "Copy editor at @latimes.Contributor to @latimespast. Excited about apricots and peaches now that summer's coming, because have you tasted those things?" Fellow Tribunista and admirer or stone fruit. Drupes, if you will.
Jacqueline Durett @jmdurett "Greater Media correspondent covering South Amboy, South River and Woodbridge, N.J." And former student in my copy editing class at Loyola. 
Katie McInerney @k*tmac "Gannett journalist, designing pages for @the advertiser. Graduate of @dailyorange. First overall pick in the 2002 Nantucket Little League softball draft." Shared experience of Gannett (from which I am a refugee) and Syracuse (at which I wrote scornful letters to the Daily Orange).
Dan Cyr @dan_cyr "Attorney in training. Making sense of positive social science. Innovation in the legal profession. Second year law student." Law student, hmm? Once you let that element in ...
Max @mstottrop "I served the Mad King until I graduated. I write for @Klickgranaten and @_Photogenic." We have all served the Mad King at one time or another.   
Tessy Schlosser @tessy29 "{ hippie (y/o) flâneuse }" As an aspiring flaneur, I sense a kinship.
Lindsey Alexander @blondone "Indiana-based freelance writer and editor. Kentuckian. Wearer of cowboy boots, drinker of milk, lover of poems, stories, and tall tales. Editor @TypecastPub." Fellow child of the Dark and Bloody.
Fiona Tweedie @FCTweedie "Roman historian, charities researcher, Gov 2.0 enthusiast, brunch aficionado. May contain traces of nuts." Your name alone inspires my admiration.
Elly @EllyfromOZ "Mother, law lecturer, PhD has stalled. I like politics and shiny things. Running makes me happy. A retweet is not commitment." Mine stalled sometime after 1979; notes, proposal, and draft of first chapter are in a box in the garage.
Jan Feeman @Jan__Freeman Former language columnist for The Boston Globe, blogger at Throw Grammar From the Train, and constant voice for sensible understanding of language usage. I appropriated her as a moll from the first Grammarnoir serial.
Erin Periwinkle @edithperiwinkle "curmudgeon, cynic, and Episcopalian. history, humor, books, culture, nature, historic preservation." Curmudgeon, cynic, Episcopalian? That's my tribe.