John McIntyre

There, there, it's not that bad

I think that civilians must wonder sometimes about the mental stability of copy editors. 
Only a few weeks ago, there were alarums and excursions after the editors of the Associated Press Stylebook announced that it is kosher to use over in the sense of more than.*
Now, just today, Andrew Beaujon at the Poynter Institute has posted that AP style is authorizing the spelling-out of state names in copy. This thunderclap is resonating in Twitter and on Facebook with exclamation points and "head explodes" comments.**
Really, colleagues, get a grip. AP Stylebook entries are (a) advisory rather than statutory and (b) conventions of English rather than rules of the language. 
Given the precarious state of the business and clotpoll corporate cultures blind to the value of editing, you've got more to worry about than minor revisions of the AP Stylebook

*As speakers and writers of English not encumbered with journalistic superstitions have been placidly doing since the reigns of the Plantagenets. 
**Mind you, since I am no slavish follower of AP, I've been spelling out state names in the texts of this blog for five years, without a single commenter branding me a heresiarch.