Throwback Thursday is a gimmick permitting the repurposing of old material. Having sold you old rope earlier this week with the annual holiday cautions, I plainly have no shame. So today's throwback Thursday offering is a selection of previously published haiku on the editor's lot.

Regard the comma,


apt with the compound sentence,

not with compound verbs.

The patient labor

of the lexicographer

embiggens our tongue.

So sweeping the claims,

so erratic the result —


A reporter's hand

reaches for a thesaurus;

screams die in my throat.

In the intern's work

commas cluster on the page,

sprinkled like pepper.


Thirty-four inches

on education reform—

caffeine's not enough.

The bureau's story

matches its budgeted length.

My eyes fill with tears.

This story's first graph

runs for forty-seven words.

Time to turn the page.

Proud writer inquires,

Don't you find this lyrical?

Shoot me in the head.