John McIntyre

No haze of nostalgia

In The New York Times, Pulitzer-Prize-winning former Washington Post reporter Henry Allen recalls the Good Old Days at The Washington Post
It does not take Mr. Allen long to demonstrate why copy editors of a certain age sometimes speak with gritted teeth and an edge in the voice about reporters: 
"Not everyone was like this — there was the usual newsroom ration of drunks and the copy editors who dined on thermoses of Campbell’s Chunky Chicken soup. There were also admirable professionals, reporters and editors who knew everything about foreign policy or the District of Columbia police and ignored the zeitgeist."
Lumped with the drunks and excluded from the ranks of "admirable professionals" who possessed actual knowledge, we recall vividly the days when no one on the copy desk had any rights, or qualifications, or status that a reporter was bound to respect. 
Those indeed were the days, my friend, and we thought they'd never end.