It was I who allowed menurkey* in a front-page headline in today's Baltimore Sun. I am terribly sorry, and it shan't happen again.
But once Thanksgivukkah is mercifully past, and Christmas and New Year's, along with their attendant gluttony, excessive drinking, and retail binges, there are events the expectation of which may help carry us through the gloom of winter. 
Item. I have begun drafting Grammarnoir 6: Grammar Never Takes a Vacation. It would be wrong to give you clues about what's in store, especially since I'm not yet sure of all of it myself, but I can confidently predict that it will be in keeping with its predecessors. Look for the first of four installments on Tuesday, February 11 (the day after my birthday, in case you need time to save up for something expensive) and the thrilling conclusion on Tuesday, March 4, National Grammar Day. 
Item. You are aware that language changes and that many usages are disputed. Provided that you are not among the peeververein complaining about all of them, you may want to sign up for the Copyediting audioconference on March 12, "Judgment Calls," described thus:
As vocabulary and usage shift beneath our feet, it becomes a challenge to make informed and appropriate editorial decisions. Embrace or shun singular "they"? Abandon or hold fast to "whom"? Does the "comprise/compose" distinction still work?
John McIntyre can be as perplexed as you are, but he has suggestions about ways to grapple with these issues and arrive at reasonable judgments. Listen to him and argue with him on the March Copyediting audio conference.
Click on the link to sign up, then call in and argue with me.
Item. Almost immediately after that audioconference, the American Copy Editors Society will gather in solemn assembly in Las Vegas (Vegas, baby!) for its eighteenth national conference (Eighteenth!), March 20-22. I am privy to information, along with anyone else on Twitter, that Mignon Fogarty (Grammar Girl!) plans to be there. So do Merriam-Webster's Kory Stamper (Kory Stamper!) and Jonathon Owen (@ArrantPedantry!). And more! You know you want to be there! 
And now, having exhausted the supply of exclamation points I had laid up to last through the end of the decade, I return you to your regularly scheduled programming. 
*That's menorah + turkey; you know, for Thanksgivukkah.**
**That's Thanksgiving + Hanukkah

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