Roughly Speaking podcast: Separating myth from facts about the Vietnam War (episode 296)

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Ahead of the 18-hour Ken Burns-Lynn Novick PBS film on Vietnam, Dan speaks with Arnold R. "Skip" Isaacs, who covered the war in the 1970s for The Baltimore Sun. Isaacs separates fact from myth: Was the U.S. military really limited in how it could fight the North Vietnamese? Has the anti-war movement's role in ending the war been overstated? Did the U.S. press corps sway public opinion against continued American involvement? Did final defeat for South Vietnam result from the cutoff of U.S. aid? Arnold Isaacs, a veteran reporter and editor, is the author of the acclaimed "Vietnam Shadows: The War, Its Ghosts, and Its Legacy," and "Without Honor: Defeat in Vietnam and Cambodia." He taught courses on Vietnam at Towson University.

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