Roughly Speaking podcast: Whither truth and knowledge in the Trump age? (episode 281)

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Forty-five percent of Republicans in a new YouGov poll think it would be a good idea to allow courts to shut down news media outlets for publishing or broadcasting stories that are biased or inaccurate. Sentiment of that level could be a payoff for President Trump’s “fake news” campaign, his war with the American news media. On today’s show, a look at Trump and the press, and the state of truth and knowledge, with culture critic Sheri Parks and veteran journalist Arnold “Skip” Isaacs.

  • 2:25: Sheri Parks is associate dean in American studies at the University of Maryland College Park and a regular contributor to Roughly Speaking.  ➤Jump to this segment
  • 30:55: Arnold R. “Skip” Isaacs was a reporter, foreign and Washington correspondent, and editor for The Baltimore Sun. He was a correspondent for The Sun during the Vietnam War and is the author of two books about it. He will be back in September to talk about Vietnam, timed with the 18-hour Ken Burns documentary series on the war that premiers on PBS Sept. 17.  ➤Jump to this segment

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