Pains, trains and leaky pipes: Baltimore's infrastructure headaches

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Roughly Speaking episode 356:

The Baltimore region's subway system had to be closed completely for repairs while the city's old municipal water and waste-water system continues to spring leaks and pollute local waters, prompting years of costly repairs and higher and higher water bills that fewer and fewer Baltimoreans can afford.

1:38: Colin Campbell, who covers public transportation for The Sun, talks about the Metro closure and its effect on the thousands of commuters who use it each day.

8:53: As Baltimore faces costly repairs to its water and waste-water system, residents are looking at higher bills that many of them are unable to pay. Dan speaks with Roger Colton, an economist whose 109-page report for Food & Water Watch concludes that Baltimore could find itself in a “downward spiral,” forced to impose larger and larger price increases to pay for court-ordered infrastructure upgrades.

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