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Exit interview with Herb Smith, who co-wrote the book on Maryland politics

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Roughly Speaking with Dan Rodricks:

When you’ve devoted nearly 46 years to teaching political science and a good part of that time to being a pundit, you get to have an exit interview when retirement grows nigh.

This spring’s semester at McDaniel College in Westminster was Herb Smith’s last as a professor of political science. For many years, he was a regular go-to political commentator for Maryland reporters, and his keenest skill was bringing historical perspective, and much-needed humor, to current affairs. Smith and former state secretary of state John Willis literally wrote the book on Maryland politics — published by the University of Nebraska Press in 2012, and titled, "Maryland Politics and Government: Democratic Dominance."

On this show: Herb Smith reflects on American politics from the time of Eisenhower to Trump.

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