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  • 2:07: Paula Gallagher, Baltimore County librarian, says readers who liked JD Vance’s “Hillbilly Elegy” will enjoy a new novel, “The Animators,” about the friendship of two artistic women from poor backgrounds who become the talk of the indie film world.  ➤Jump to this segment
  • 6:43: Leila Atassi, City Hall reporter for The Cleveland Plain Dealer, talks about Cleveland’s effort to curtail illegal dirt biking by building a $2.3 million dirt bike park. Baltimore’s so-called “12 O’Clock Boys” have taken to the streets — and sometimes the sidewalks — of the city for years, prompting citizen complaints and a police crackdown (hear Dan's September interview with Wheelie Wayne, considered the godfather of the 12 O'Clock Boys). While a private group studies the feasibility of building a dirt bike park in Baltimore, a divided Cleveland City Council has moved ahead with the controversial idea. Atassi fills us in.  ➤Jump to this segment
  • 17:42: Political analyst Herb Smith talks about the effect the Trump presidency has had on the American tourism industry, and what special congressional elections suggest about the 2018 mid-terms. Smith is professor and former chair of political science at McDaniel College.  ➤Jump to this segment

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