Calling out BS, fake facts and fear-mongering

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Roughly Speaking episode 369:

3:21: If you need help separating fact from fiction, solid news from fake news, you can now take a course in discerning one from the other. It’s being offered at Anne Arundel Community College starting next week. David Tengwall, a long-time professor at AACC, will teach an eight-week course called, “Calling Out Bullshit.” It promises to be a fun course, Tengwall says, but the reason for it is serious: Americans have been inundated with BS, in politics and in commerce, and we need help in detecting deceptions. Above all, he says, a well-informed citizenry engaged in critical thinking is vital to democracy.

18:03: How calling out BS is actually done: Veteran journalist Arnold “Skip” Isaacs shares what he learned when he questioned the Trump administration claim that a lax U.S. immigration system had put Americans at risk by allowing hundreds of foreign-born terrorists into the country. Isaacs says the claim is bogus and he explains why. Isaacs, a former editor and correspondent for The Sun, lives in Maryland, and his story, "Using Fake Facts to Make Us Afraid," is posted on

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