Mosby challenger Bates has plan to break Baltimore's persistent violence

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Roughly Speaking episode 387:

In another in a series of interviews with candidates in June's primary, Baltimore State's Attorney candidate Ivan Bates promises to recruit experienced lawyers to prosecute repeat violent offenders who, he says, have been getting off too easy during the tenure of incumbent Marilyn Mosby.

Bates says the failures of Mosby's office have contributed to Baltimore's increase in violence, a surge now in its fourth year. The city recorded its 100th homicide of the year this week.

Bates, a defense attorney and former prosecutor, says Mosby's office has been depleted of prosecutorial talent, makes too many plea deals and loses too many prosecutions of violent offenders. He also says he wants to emphasize fighting crime at its roots — among juvenile offenders, and in the communities hardest hit by violence.

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