Maryland's best 'view from a deck' can be found in Flintstone, Allegany County

Just off the highway, Maryland's best 'view from a deck'

From time to time, I hope to post an original video on the Roughly Speaking blog. (I used to do this sort of thing weekly for WBAL-TV and WMAR-TV back in the days of "Action News" and "Rodricks For Breakfast.")

This video, produced with the assistance of Jon Sham of the Sun's social media team, was shot in Western Maryland, between the communities of Bellegrove and Flintstone. Interstate 68 takes you right along the Green Ridge State Forest. Attached to one of the highway exit signs -- for exit 64, to be exact -- you'll find one of those blue "scenic overlook" signs. I stopped there for the first time about 20 years ago and had the good fortune to stumble upon (but not off) what I came to consider to be Maryland's best deck, high on a slope overlooking a section of Fifteen Mile Creek.

Maybe I need to get around more and visit more decks. But I've been on a lot of them, and this is my favorite. It's in a state forest, and open to the public. See for yourselves.

And look, if you have a better view from a deck, I'd love to see it. Please send a photo to make your case, or invite me over for a look and a beer.

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