Dan Rodricks

Baltimore-based singer SONiA posts tribute to Orlando shooting victims

SONiA disappear fear, the singer-songwriter from Baltimore, attended a gay wedding in Dallas Saturday night. She and her wife and manager, Terry Irons, were feeling great when they awoke Sunday morning. And then they heard the horrific news from Orlando.

SONiA, who grew up Sonia Rutstein and who performed for several years with her sister, Cindy Frank, as the indie folk duo disappear fear, immediately turned to her music, which has been speaking to LGBT fans since the early 1990s. SONiA turned specifically to the award-winning song from her album, “Blood, Bones and Baltimore,” to produce a new video to honor the victims of the Pulse massacre.
The song is, “Who I Am (Say Amen).” It won an OUTMusic Award for best single of 2010. It speaks to SONiA’s sexuality and resonates with anyone in quest of their identity, and yearning for peace and love.
“I am sending the video out to help heal all of the victims of Orlando, which is all of the world, especially once again gay people,” SONiA says. “‘Who I Am’ is a personal letter to my myself, my mom and God and humanity, whom I call John, about accepting my sexuality.”
SONiA is scheduled to perform a solo concert on Facebook Live from the Baltimore Sun lobby on Thursday at 12:30 pm. More details about that to follow.
Here are the lyrics to the song in the video:

I never meant for us, I never meant to fall, I never meant to ask or risk it all.

But one look in your eyes makes me believe I can touch the stars,


I can kiss the moon with just my voice in perfect tune.

And Mom, is it okay that I am who I am?


Cold December morn, I need a witches broom.

I move my little heater from room to room.

Like a happy hunter in a thankful prayer,

I taste your perfume nearly everywhere.

And the priest remarks, "What do you believe?"

"I'm out of tricks mate, nothing up my sleeve."

And God, is it ok if I am?

Yes God say it's ok that I am who I am.    


And after we're all, all dead and gone, our children will rise and on that morn,

The universe is one, queens equal pawns and I am proud just to be born.

And Mom say it's Ok if I'm . . . .  and God says it's Ok if I'm . . . And John, Make it Ok if I'm

Who I am . . . Say amen . . .  Say amen . . . .