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Dan Rodricks

On the anniversary of the bloodiest day in American history, a sunrise visit to the ghosts of Antietam

On the 157th anniversary of the bloodiest battle of the Civil War, Americans gather for a sunrise tour of Antietam National Battlefield.

Andy Harris claims offshore wind turbines are a national security risk. The Pentagon has much bigger concerns.

While the Department of Defense sees climate change as an immediate threat to national security, Rep. Andy Harris opposes an Ocean City wind farm being developed to slow the climate crisis.

In Trump crackdown on immigrants and refugees, America loses its way

The Supreme Court, in allowing the Trump administration to institute a harsh rule that will render thousands of traumatized people ineligible for asylum here, effectively cut our lineage to the Greatest Generation.

Undermining science and government vigilance are hallmarks of the Trump presidency

The presidential side-show during and after Hurricane Dorian points up Trump's scorn for, and his willingness to abuse, a federal agency that for more than a century served the nation free of political considerations.

The Paul Sarbanes Trail: a hidden gem in Western Maryland

An under-appreciated trail named for former Sen. Paul Sarbanes offers a pleasant hike to the Potomac North Branch, and a challenge coming back.

Rodricks: These Baltimore rowhouse steps need a good scrubbin’, plus a crab feast says the O’s have a winning 2020 season

Rodricks Sunday column: Nobody asked our columnist about marble steps, the Orioles, the Chesapeake bridges or guns at BWI, but here he goes again.

America’s gift to the world: giving up sprawling lawns for trees

People often wonder what they can personally do about climate change because it seems like such a huge, beyond-our-control problem. Imagine if we turned lawns into little forests.

Baltimore teen’s life sentence in officer Caprio death revives questions about ultimate purpose of prison time

The Dawnta Harris case prompts larger questions about what Americans expect from their state prison systems

Here’s a big idea: Turn Baltimore’s Highway to Nowhere into a mile-long public park

Baltimore's infamous Highway to Nowhere is not needed; here's a proposal to turn it into the Westside Greenway.

To reduce trash, from Baltimore to the Eastern Shore, start with a new, smart counter message; a lot of people missed the memo

It has been decades since the city, or the country for that matter, had a strong, consistent anti-trash message broadcast in the public sphere.

Indecent and inhumane, Trump’s treatment of immigrants also makes no economic sense

The Trump administration’s approach to immigration is draconian and prejudiced against the poor, driven by red-meat politics rather than rational policy, and makes no sense with regard to the nation’s economy.

Rodricks: Baltimore has had big problems, but the nation has even bigger ones, and they’re hardly being addressed

President Trump brought focus to Baltimore's persistent problems, but the country he leads has big problems, too, and they are hardly being addressed.

People who refuse to see or hear Trump’s racism in attack on Baltimore are beyond reach, but here goes

Rodricks reacts to those who defend -- or refuse to see the racism in -- Trumps' attack on Cummings and Baltimore

Maryland opens a new state park, and OHV riders get first dibs

Maryland opens a new state park, but with an emphasis on off-road vehicles as the primary users

Maryland fails at doing the right thing on wrongful convictions

Attorneys for exonerated inmates again press Maryland Board of Public Works for compensation for their clients

Calvin Ash comes home from prison, 15 years overdue

Former inmate Calvin Ash, 68, would have been much better off had he come home from prison in 2004, when the Maryland Parole Commission approved his release.

Loyal constituents pushing John Sarbanes to support impeachment inquiry; here’s where he and Maryland’s other congressmen stand

Some of his constituents want Rep. John Sarbanes to support an impeachment inquiry of President Trump.

A visionary mayor would be nice, but focus on Baltimore’s big, fundamental problems will suffice

Whether Jack Young or someone else, Baltimore's next mayor faces big problems, and they are all in plain sight

The last thing Baltimore needs is more abandonment

Responding to a Howard County reader who says he's done with Baltimore because of crime.

America needs fixing, so ramp up training and wages in the building trades

In Baltimore and other cities, there is vast opportunity for fixing and reusing old homes and buildings.

An American from way back, when the country was new, would be shocked in Trump time

A simple entry in a 19th Century diary holds profound meaning at a time of doubt about the nation's long experiment in representative democracy

Maryland estimate for seawalls against rising tides: $27 billion

A new study estimates seawall costs to support bringing climate liability lawsuits against fossil fuel industry.

Reverse Baltimore's population slide: Find investors for 'an incredibly high-potential city'

Patrick McKenna talks about the possibilities for growth in Opportunity Zones in cities outside of Silicon Valley.

Trump's impeachable offense: Ignoring climate change

The impeachment noise in Washington is a distraction from an existential threat to life on Earth

Rodricks: Bill Dolan, blamed for his brother's overdose, dies of one

Dolan had been charged under a Pennsylvania law with "drug delivery resulting in death"

Wells Fargo stepping up again in Baltimore with $6 million toward homeownership

Making amends for past practices, the nation's fourth-largest bank set to announce CityLIFT program

Reverse Baltimore's population slide: Green more city neighborhoods

A parks-first approach could make an immense difference in neglected neighborhoods with

Followup: A correction about Nancy Pelosi and that white dress

The dress was white but not the one she wore for First Holy Communion and not at St. Leo's

A deeper look at Baltimore's population loss: smaller households

Household size has dropped in Baltimore City; schools will play a huge role in reversing that trend.

Nancy Pelosi in a white dress, and an 'unnerving question' about her Baltimore family portrait

Nobody asked for it, but here's another one of those Nobody-asked-me-but columns