What Brown should say about taxes [Letter]

In his letter, "What Brown isn't saying about taxes" (Oct. 9), J. Michael Collins of Reisterstown complains about higher gasoline taxes enacted by the O'Malley-Brown administration and asks "When is The Sun going to call Brown out ... on what he and [Gov. Martin] O'Malley have done," with the effect of these taxes?

I'll tell you what they have done, Mr. Collins. They are building a third northbound lane on Route 29 in Howard County where I live to ease what has become a slow-rolling parking lot every afternoon at rush hour. This is a project planned for many years but never begun due to lack of money, partly caused by the greatest economic downturn our nation has seen since the Great Depression. Another cause was the General Assembly's refusal to raise the gas tax for more than 20 years.

Highway and other transportation improvements were in desperate need of funds that they are now getting.

I recoup the higher price of gas each week by using the points I get from my local supermarket to get 10-to-50 cents a gallon off. And the price of gas is now dipping every week.

When my wife and I rode the light rail to the Inner Harbor recently to see the Blue Angels perform, we paid $1 each to ride as seniors. That's a huge bargain.

What the O'Malley-Brown administration has done for voters — despite constant Republican carping — is build a better, stronger Maryland for all of us to enjoy, and I, for one, appreciate it!

Larry Carson, Columbia

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