Charging $1 would kill the Charm City Circulator [Letter]

In reference to the front page article on Oct. 7, "$1 fare eyed for free buses," I for one will not use the Charm City Circular if $1 charge is imposed; that's only one way, so the cost is really $2. I have a hybrid car, but in my opinion having a hybrid vehicle does not mean I can still drive because I use less gas and cause less damage to the atmosphere; no, it means that I too still have to drive less. The $1 (two-way, $2) charge is way more then the cost of me driving my hybrid.

The future should hold for all of us free transportation.

The free circulator will help the mayor attract the 10,000 more residents she is seeking. People moving to the city want convenience of being able to move around freely without a car.

Continue to raise the garage fees. Those are the folks who are polluting, and polluters should be the ones paying, not the ones who are trying to help our dying planet, and not to mention those who just can not afford to pay.

Regina Minniss

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