Kittleman victim of unfair attacks [Letter]

Several weeks ago I, and other women voters in Howard County received four glossy mailers attacking Allan Kittleman, the Republican candidate for county executive.

The mailers were distributed by Mr. Kittleman's opponent, Democrat Courtney Watson, and her political allies. The allegations they contain are shocking and misleading.

The truth is Mr. Kittleman never "called for arming teachers and principals." A 2006 newspaper article mistakenly attributed that statement to him. The Watson team has admitted its error but has not sent out a retraction.

Mr. Kittleman opposed one gun bill largely because it failed to address mental health issues and imposed high registration fees on low-income individuals. Does that mean he "fought to keep assault weapons legal in Howard County?" I don't think so.

While on the County Council, Mr. Kittleman voted in favor of every education budget request. Once, for non-education reasons, he voted against the entire county budget. Was that really a vote "against new classrooms and student funding?" I don't think so.

And Mr. Kittleman, believing that parents should know about prescription medications their children take, voted against a bill allowing minors access to the morning-after pill without parental permission. Does that constitute "fighting against giving women access to all common forms of birth control?" I don't think so.

I have been following this election closely. Mr. Kittleman, in contrast to Ms. Watson, has run a positive campaign and has not made unfounded attacks against his opponent.

The character of our next county executive matters. If Ms. Watson campaigns in this dishonest, underhanded way, what kind of county executive would she make? I don't want to find out.

Jennifer Asher, Glenwood

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