Attacks aren't helping Brown [Letter]

I have been an exclusively Democratic voter for over four decades, but the inept and totally negative campaign that Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown is conducting is making me take a hard look at Republican Larry Hogan ("Gubernatorial name-calling," Oct. 7).

One would think that after seven years in the second highest office in the state, Mr. Brown could point out his accomplishments — or at least inform the voters of what he plans to do if elected governor. Instead, Mr. Brown is running a smear campaign based on quotes pulled out of context from Mr. Hogan's statements — some many years old.

It's time for Mr. Brown to explain to the electorate why he deserves to be governor and stop attacking Mr. Hogan. Otherwise, his fate may be the same as Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, the last Democratic lieutenant governor to run for governor.

Marc Raim, Baltimore

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