Exelon has been a good partner [Letter]

Having worked closely with Exelon and its subsidiary Constellation for several years now, I wanted to share my perspective on the debate about the company's proposed merger with Pepco Holdings ("Coalition calls for rejection of Exelon-Pepco merger," Oct. 2).

Exelon has been a strong partner in the Maryland Science Center's efforts to educate youth and the general public about the critical role of a reliable electric grid, energy efficiency, renewable power and cutting-edge technologies. Our building is partially powered by an 80,000 kilowatt solar installation built by Constellation, which is a major developer of solar and distributed generation throughout the United States including Maryland's largest solar facility.

Exelon has a well-documented record as a major investor in clean energy and leading voice for policies that reduce carbon emissions and protect the environment, eliminating more that 14 million tons of carbon emissions since 2008. Everything in the public record shows the company is willing to provide substantial financial and reliability benefits to Maryland customers as part of the merger.

Remember, the same concerns about this merger were voiced two years ago when Exelon merged with Constellation. But since that time, BGE has reported the best reliability performance in its history, rates have remained stable and Exelon is actively working to develop new sources of wind and solar energy in the state, helping Maryland emerge as a leader in clean energy.

Institutions such as ours depend on a reliable electric grid and affordable energy. We also rely on strong partners. Exelon has stepped up in that regard, contributing its time and expertise as well as its dollars to our organization. And it is not just us. The company continues to invest in nonprofit institutions throughout Maryland exceeding the commitments it made as part of the Constellation merger. It has pledged to do the same as part of its merger with Pepco Holdings amounting to $50 million in charitable giving over 10 years.

Everything we have seen since Exelon came to Maryland points to a company that cares about the environment, its customers and the community. If the merger with Pepco Holdings brings more of the same, Maryland will be the better for it.

Van R. Reiner, Baltimore

The writer is president and CEO of the Maryland Science Center.

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