Maryland should legalize pot [Letter]

I think it should be a person's own choice to do whatever drug a person chooses as long as it doesn't involve committing a crime to acquire the drug. When it comes to marijuana, we should be able to have and smoke as much as we like ("Fixing Md.'s marijuana law," Oct. 3).

People like me and many others work very hard for what we have and like to smoke at the end of the day to relax and relieve stress. Ignorant people consider us criminals for doing so. It doesn't kill anyone and it's very helpful to cancer patients going through chemotherapy or radiation treatments. It can help veterans with post traumatic stress disorder.

You may think that everyone should be like you and not smoke ,but unfortunately for you that is not how our society works. Marijuana should be legal in Maryland and legally sold in licensed shops across the state and readily available to people who actually need it for medical reasons. Quit being hypocritical. Legalize marijuana, and I guarantee the incarceration rate will drop dramatically. Then we can focus on the real drug problems in this state.

Tyler Elmore

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