Hogan must broaden his appeal if he hopes to win [Letter]

From everything I have read about Larry Hogan, he is not a politician, at least not by today's standards or those of Maryland.

Anyone following him knows that he is offering sound solutions based on hard truths instead of the panaceas that voters seem to prefer. He has also appealed to black voters to look beyond race and objectively compare his platform with that of his opponent, Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown ("Hogan, Brown differ in message to black voters," Oct. 4).

Another group that he needs to appeal to is non-voting conservative whites who want all or nothing. He must convince them that if they agree more then they disagree, particularly relative to the opposition, they need to vote to have any chance of reversing the current trends.

Just recently, we learned that Maryland's tax revenues are projected to fall short by up to $405 million over two years, notwithstanding seemingly endless tax increases. Add to that the $200-plus million Mr. Brown wasted in failing to deliver a workable state health exchange — his singular responsibility.

What's worse, Maryland is unprepared for the inevitable decline in our primary industry, government spending. At that point, the O'Malley-Brown programs will finally break the bank — meaning us.

I would have likely voted for Ben Carson for governor, but should he be nominated to the Republican presidential ticket I hope the Democrats offer up a viable alternative, meaning someone other than any of those currently in the running.

As good as Dr. Carson might be, after four terms of two disastrous presidencies that have left the world in turmoil, we are going to need both intelligence and proven capability to govern — something we neglected to consider when we elected George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

Doude Glenn, Baltimore

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