Doesn't Michael Phelps realize he could have killed someone? [Letter]

I would like to sit down with Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps and explain to him the permanency of death ("Olympian Michael Phelps arrested for drunken driving a second time," Sept. 30).

In 2004, my son had just graduated high school and had his whole life ahead of him — until a drunk driver hit and killed him in November.

Maybe Mr. Phelps would like to explain to me, since I have never received any explanation from the 55-year-old woman who struck my son, why he is above the law. What gives him the right to jeopardize everyone else?

Maybe he could explain to my now 22-year-old daughter why her life was changed so much at age 12 because some of the people matter more than others. Perhaps he could spend time with us over the holiday season and see how much pain we are in on the anniversary of my son's death, on his birthday and at Christmas.

Donnah Marvel

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