Gun law doesn't make Marylanders safer [Letter]

Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown's recent commentary on Maryland's 2013 Firearms Safety Act is disingenuous and deceitful ("Brown: I will enforce gun safety law," Oct. 2).

The law does nothing to make Marylander's safer. Maryland has had strict guns laws for the last 30 years, yet we are ranked the eighth most violent state according to U.S. Justice Department statistics.

Nor did the law truly ban the sale of military style assault rifles; it banned a few models, but many "sporting rifles" with "assault style" features are still legally available.

The new handgun qualification license does nothing except double the cost of a buyer's first handgun and illegally license a constitutional right.

The thugs using guns in Baltimore City do not buy their guns from dealers. They steal them, buy them on the street or use straw buyers. The law will never apply to them.

How does banning AR-15s with the M4 barrel but allowing those with a heavy barrel make Marylanders safer?

How does mandating the handgun qualification license make us safer when every handgun purchase already is subject to both state and federal background checks and a seven-day waiting period? And how does banning AK-47s make us safer when none has ever been used in a Maryland crime?

The pandering and preaching to a fearful and ignorant electorate that the law keeps them safe is a lie. The law was modeled after a 1998 law in Massachusetts, which has seen annual murders rise from 65 in 1997 to 122 in 2011.

If Mr. Brown really wants to make Maryland safer he should consult experts who don't depend on him for their jobs. The "yes men" police chiefs have decided to put their paychecks over principle and will say anything he wants.

Jeff Underwood, Simpsonville

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