A farcical nomination process for City Council [Letter]

We add our voices to the outrage expressed by our fellow citizens concerning the nomination process to replace Baltimore City Councilman William Cole ("District 11 do-over?" Oct. 2).

With all due respect, that process can only be described as a complete farce. We urge the council to reject Eric Costello's nomination to fill the seat and send the nominating committee back to begin anew.

In addition, the nominating committee should be directed to give full and fair consideration to all those who applied for the position and to take into consideration the letters in support of as well as in opposition to each of the candidates.

We urge the council to do the right thing for the citizens of the 11th District. Proceeding openly and fairly to address the situation may restore some of the sorely needed public trust in the Baltimore City Council that has been lost because of this episode.

Elizabeth and Leonard Homer, Baltimore

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