A few questions for Anthony Brown on guns [Letter]

After reading his op-ed ("Brown: I will enforce gun safety law," Sept. 4), I have some questions I would like Lt. Gov. Anthony G. Brown to answer.

How does disarming law-abiding citizens protect anyone and not create a scenario in which citizens are not able to defend themselves?

What makes him believe that any criminal who is intending on harming or murdering someone is concerned with what the gun laws allow?

How many murders in the state of Maryland in the last year were committed with these now banned rifles?

How many murders in the state of Maryland in the last year were committed with unlawfully possessed handguns?

How many murderers have a concealed weapons permit yet continue to carry weapons on a daily basis?

How many murder victims who were law-abiding citizens could have had a chance to save their own life were they able to legally carry a concealed weapon?

Why does he continue to ignore statistics and facts in relation to gun crimes?

Why does he continue to ignore expert testimony?

Why is it that states that allow open or concealed carry have significantly lower murder rates than Maryland and other anti-gun states such as California, Illinois and New Jersey?

If Maryland is such a safe state and there is no need for a citizen to be armed in an effort to protect him or herself, why does Mr. Brown travel with armed guards?

Jack Rose

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