A charming visit to Charm City [Letter]

I have visited a lot of major cities in my lifetime, but until now I was never inclined to email or write a letter to the editor of the city newspaper to comment about the city and its people. From a recent visit I had to Baltimore, I have found that you have some of the nicest, friendliest and most helpful people I have ever encountered.

In particular I owe a debt of gratitude to a gentleman named Mark who helped my wife and I when we got stranded at the train station trying to see the Orioles' last home game. Being totally lost as to how we were going to find a way to get to the game when we found the train wasn't running, he was kind enough to help us find an alternate means to the ballpark and guide us there so that we arrived safely and on time. His helpfulness and courtesy, along with other encounters my wife and I had with city residents, have left my wife and me with a positive outlook on your city and the residents who reside within it.

I would recommend to anyone that Baltimore is a great city and that they should visit it when the opportunity presents itself to experience great food, great sites, and warm and helpful people.

Terry Parker, Mount Pleasant, Wis.

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