Desperate Brown is smearing Hogan again [Letter]

I had to shake my head when I read Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown's op-ed in The Sun about how he would enforce Maryland's strict gun law that went into effect about this time last year ("Brown: I will enforce gun safety law," Sept. 4). This new law was enacted with the support of several knee-jerk politicians in the wake of the Newtown shootings. The Firearm Safety Act banned the sale of military style assault rifles and high-capacity magazines. It also required enhanced fingerprint based background checks on gun sales to supposedly prevent criminals from getting those deadly weapons

Of course, Mr. Brown goes on to insinuate that if the extreme right wing and supposed NRA puppet Larry Hogan is elected he will work to "gut" this law and therefore make all of us Marylanders less safe. What I see here is more character assassination attempts from a desperate Anthony Brown. And as for the law itself, as I wrote in my letter published in The Sun this time last year, the only thing Maryland's new gun law accomplished was a sales boom for guns and ammunition for every gun shop in the state. So I am inclined to ask, do you feel safer now? Didn't think so.

Mark Wilson, Fallston

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