Trap, neuter and release programs won't reduce the feral cat population [Letter]

The problem of feral cat overpopulation cannot be solved with trap, neuter and release programs ("Cat that closed Glen Burnie school moved to animal rescue shelter," Sept. 5).

Such initiatives merely repeat the irresponsible human behavior of dumping and abandonment that caused the problem in the first place.

Municipalities that embrace TNR are encouraging more dumping and abandonment. Unfortunately, with approximately 80 million free-ranging cats in the U.S., no one will ever be able to sterilize enough of them to have any significant impact on cat populations.

The claim made by TNR advocates that sterilization will reduce feral populations is a fiction, dragged out to convince city officials to pass such initiatives. There are many peer-reviewed scientific studies that show TNR programs have no significant impact on cat populations. None show that they do.

Lori Ogozalek

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