Hong Kong protesters should get a job [Letter]

When people don't have enough work, protests and demonstrations happen. And it's a worldwide epidemic with dire consequences. Take a look at the Middle East — throngs of "pro-democracy" youth took to the streets to oppose their country's leaders. Then consider the results — horrendous. America definitely must stay away from this "pro-democracy" effort — our track record so far has been dreadful.

Studying the images of the Hong Kong protesters, I'm reminded of our own "Occupy" movement ("Hong Kong protesters stockpile supplies, fear fresh police advance," Sept. 30).

Again, throngs of young people camped out in the streets to demand change. I spoke with many Occupy Baltimore participants and discovered a vast majority didn't hold a full-time job and many still lived at home. Also, leadership appeared non-existent. And where is America's "Occupy" effort today? Vanished.

Ironically, I see similarities in Hong Kong. There are thousands of young people filling public places — even the name "Occupy Central with Love and Peace" has a familiar ring. True, it is a pro-democracy effort as opposed to our purely economic one, but the parallels are bothersome.

Over the decades China has become a global success, a powerful economic engine and world-wide influence in amazing ways. It's hard to purchase anything today not "Made in China." They must be doing something right. The protesters in Hong Kong need to reflect on that.

Rosalind Ellis

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