Holder's legacy is one of contempt for the law [Letter]

Eric H. Holder has indeed left behind an impressive legacy ("The Holder legacy Sept. 28). As the nation's top law-enforcement officer he has refused to follow or enforce the law.

Here is his legacy:

He allowed the IRS to target conservative groups and ignore congressional subpoenas, then stood by when the agency "lost" emails by Lois Lerner and others to thwart the investigation.

He allowed the State Department and the executive branch to ignore subpoenas in the Benghazi investigation and disallowed the interviewing of witnesses by Congress.

He interpreted that NSA's collection of "metadata" on millions of Americans' phone calls as constitutional.

In a little known case involving the town of Kinston, N.C., where residents voted not to identify candidates by party affiliation in local elections, Mr. Holder's Justice Department swarmed in and judged that people of color would be unable to vote intelligently without the D or R. So much for his civil rights legacy.

Immigration: He sued Arizona for enforcing federal immigration laws which the Justice Department refused to enforce.

Recess appointments: He interpreted the appointments as legal and lost in the Supreme Court 9-0!

Black Panther voter intimidation: He refused to enforce the law on a militarily dressed, weapon carrying, verbal abusing, Black Panther at voting poll in Philadelphia.

Voting rights: He has actually sued states for requiring an ID in order to improve the integrity of elections. By fighting this, using the race card, he improves voter fraud rather than integrity. After all "there is no evidence of voter fraud."

And then there is the lingering Fast and Furious — gun running to Mexican drug cartels. His refusal to release documents to Congress led to his Contempt of Congress citation. He is the only cabinet member in history to be so cited.

That is quite a legacy.

Steven Pinson, Baltimore

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