Israel committed war crimes during its invasion of Gaza [Letter]

Letter writer Irwin E. Weiss could not be further from the truth when he refers to Israel's recent invasion of Gaza as its "recent war of defense" ("Compare and contrast: Israel in Gaza, U.S. in Syria," Sept. 25).

In fact, it was Israel that purposefully initiated the violence against Hamas in order to prevent a reconciliation between the rival Palestinian governments of Fatah and Hamas from taking place.


Israel carried out bombing raids, a military incursion, 17 killings and mass arrests — all before Hamas fired a single rocket.

Moreover, Mr. Weiss' letter makes light of the United Nations war crimes charges against Israel for its massacre of hundreds of Palestinian children on beaches and in schools, playgrounds and UN safe houses.


If these aren't war crimes, what are they and why must U.S. taxpayers continue to finance and arm the apartheid nation of Israel?

Ray Gordon, Bel Air


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