Obamacare is no failure [Letter]

Every time I read another column by Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. claiming that "Obamacare" is a failure I nearly split my sides laughing ("Affordable Care Act lies," Sept. 21). Tell that story to America's hospitals, which are saving $5.7 billion this year alone.

Why such huge savings? Because in states that have expanded Medicaid, hospital bills are getting paid. In states that haven't expanded Medicaid, however, unpaid hospital bills are still costing billions — $5.5 billion in Texas alone where Rick Perry, the Republican governor and perennial loser presidential candidate, has refused to expand his state's Medicaid system and hospitals are kept afloat with property taxes.

Is that really the vision of a future Mr. Ehrlich and the Republican Party see for Maryland? If you can call going back to the past a "future" at all. I have a different word for it — a nightmare.

William Smith, Baltimore

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