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District 11 needs a do-over [Letter]

Every so often a vote is cast that defines a politician, and one is about to be cast.

On Monday, Oct 6 the Baltimore City Council will vote to accept or reject the decision of a committee formed by Council President Bernard C. "Jack" Young and chaired by Councilman Carl Stokes to select a replacement for Bill Cole in the 11th district ("Young accused of pushing favored candidate through nominating committee," Sept. 24).

The new selection procedures were intended to eliminate "back room" deals and provide an open and transparent process leading to the selection of the best qualified replacement and reestablishment of faith in the system. The actions taken by the committee, as more completely detailed in your paper, clearly failed on all counts, and the system is viewed with more cynicism and disdain than ever. It appears that Messrs. Stokes and Young never got the message and allowed the process to be critically compromised.

We are now at the defining point to see who will routinely rubber stamp the outcome, as might a candidate for "Political Hack of The Year" and who will vote for a "redo" which might be accomplished without any hint of impropriety as might a public servant.

Should the redo result in the same decision, it will now be accepted by the District 11 majority with the selectee untainted and able to begin work with some measure of respect.

Hank Valeri

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