The Ravens turned their back on Rice [Letter]

Finally, someone can see through the phony NFL, the Ravens and their hypocritical "Shield of Honor." Scott Green from Chicago in his letter in Saturday's Baltimore Sun ("What the Ravens should have done," Sept. 13) had a contrarian view on the Ray Rice episode, but I believe he was dead on correct.

The Ravens turned their backs on a "family" member and their "brother." Not much in the way of condemnation came from any of Mr. Rice's teammates, for "people who live in glass houses," and you know the rest. The Ravens had the opportunity to reach out to Ray Rice and his family during his greatest time of need, but instead they chose to discard him like a piece of trash. I was not surprised at all when the Ravens cut Ray Rice loose, as that is the way teams in the NFL operate. Mr. Rice had become a PR liability which might affect their bottom line, and in the NFL bottom line obviously trumps "family."

The game of football is predicated on violence, so why are all the fans so outraged when something like this happens? Domestic violence, DUIs, assaults and drug use have been business as usual in the NFL. Take off your blinders and check out the NFL Arrests Database sometime.

Fortunately for Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson and Greg Hardy have now become the "lead" on ESPN's "Bottom Line." Like I said, it's business as usual, and the "hits" just keep coming.

Brian Spector, Easton

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