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Give Jeter the O's-vation he deserves [Letter]

So let me tell you about my experiences at Camden Yards before I respond to the recent commentary suggesting Orioles fans should not cheer for Derek Jeter in his last appearance at the ballpark ("Good riddance, Jeter," Sept. 11).

I went to a game there in the early 1990s when a friend of mine invited me and one-handed pitcher Jim Abbott and outfielder Danny Tartabull were on the Yankees. My friend who is a Yankee fan invited two Orioles fans unbeknownst to me. Jim Abbott was throwing a shutout and the Yankees were up 6-0 by the third inning. Of course, the Yankees were terrible at that time and the Orioles were a contender. I was as cordial as could be and barely made a peep during the entire early onslaught. But sure enough, the Yanks blew it and actually walked in the winning run, and this couple just absolutely abused me over those last tortuous innings. Truly getting in my face.

About 10 years later when the tide turned, a bunch of friends brought their young kids and families to Camden Yards. We had about 40 people. Most of the kids were under the age of 10. After the last game in which the Orioles pulled off a rare series win (of course it was in May) about four 30-year-old guys verbally abused our kids. I reminded these guys that the Yanks had just finished the season before with a record of 125 wins and won what would be the second of four World Series championships in five years.

As for Cal Ripken Jr. (whom I love and is as classy as Derek Jeter in every way), there is no doubt that he was a great player. He also broke the record of a Yankees legend. But he has a lifetime batting average about 30 points below Derek. He probably hasn't played in half the playoff games his Yankees counterpart has. And I would give Mr. Ripken a standing ovation on his last stand at Yankee Stadium every day and twice on Sunday. Derek Jeter and Cal Ripken have represented the game of baseball as well as anyone in the history of the game. Derek also happens to have the sixth most base hits in the history of baseball. If Orioles fans don't give Derek Jeter the ovation he deserves no matter what he has done to you on the field then shame on you! At least then I can say this for sure: You Orioles fans are for the birds!

Salvatore Corso, Woodbury, N.Y.

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