Ray Lewis — guilty of being black [Letter]

I was most confused by the letter writer who seemed to object to the statue of Ravens legend Ray Lewis being given equal status to the one of Johnny Unitas ("Statue of Ray Lewis is disgraceful," Sept. 8). After all, as the writer observed, Ray Lewis was found not guilty in a court of law. So what's the problem here? It's not like the Ravens put up a statue of Michael Vick, who was actually found guilty of a crime and has been "rehabilitated." Yet this letter writer still chooses to be "outraged." It would seem that the real problem is one that most black people living in America would understand all too well. Ray Lewis, Like Michael Brown, is just "assumed" to be guilty because he is a big black man living in America. Let's just be completely honest for once the writer's objection to Ray Lewis is about the color of his skin and to the Ravens giving him equal status to a white man.

The letter writer did get one thing right though. It is indeed disgraceful that the family of Jacinth Baker was able to cash in on their tragedy by suing an innocent man in a civil suit. And it's disgraceful that insurance companies always settle lawsuits rather than bring them to trial because it's cheaper. They sully a lot of reputations that way. It's disgraceful Ray Lewis can't sue them.

William Smith, Baltimore

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