Let's trade President Obama for the UK's David Cameron in the World Leader Fantasy League [Letter]

World events over the last month or so have proven that we do have a very creditable terrorist threat, not only to the Middle East, but to Europe and the U.S.

As this is the start of the NFL season and all the fantasy leagues are in full force, I would like to recommend a World Leader Fantasy League. As we already have a World Leader team in place, I propose trading our current world leader, President Barack Obama, for Great Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron.

Last week demonstrated that Mr. Obama is not up to the task. He has said publicly that he has no strategy for combating ISIS, whereas Mr. Cameron has proposed tough anti-terrorism laws.

I think we can pull this trade off if we sweeten the pot by not only giving the Brits President Obama but also the next three Democrat presidential candidates as well.

It is evident that the stronger of the two leaders is Mr. Cameron, who has a plan, as opposed to Mr. Obama, who doesn't. We would greatly enhance our standing in the World Leader Fantasy League with this trade.

Roy Valiant, Forest Hill

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