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State decision on CSX transfer facility is incredibly short-sighted [Letter]

The decision by the state to eliminate funding for the proposed rail cargo transfer facility in Morrell Park is patently absurd ("State pulls $30 million from rail facility project in major victory for community activists," Aug. 28). Over the recent past we have seen many businesses consolidate and move their headquarters out of the Baltimore area. One the few assets that Baltimore has that can't be moved is the port. But it seems that the powers that manage the state and city are in the process of diminishing the value of the port to the businesses that utilize it.

While it's popular to blame the railroad, the fact is that the railroad must operate, within the law, in a manner to maximize profits for its shareholders. If it is more efficient for the railroad to operate out of Norfolk, they will do so. If it is determined by the state and city that the proposed transfer facility is too onerous to the Morrell Park community, then it is incumbent on the state to offer a viable alternative plan to present to the railroad before they make plans to shift more of their operations to another port.

These actions are contrasted with the government's plans for the proposed route of the Red Line over the vociferous complains of the communities who believe that the present route will negatively impact their lives. In the case of the Red Line the communities have offered a proposal that will create a more efficient transportation system for the city and reduce costs by utilizing the existing tunnel in east Baltimore.

Both decisions regarding transportation in Baltimore are wrong. The question is what is motivating the officials to make these decisions.

Ken Gelbard, Baltimore

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