Baltimore should not resurrect speed cameras [Letter]

I am very confused about the city's motivation to resurrect the speed camera system ("Redflex lobbying Baltimore for speed camera contract," Aug. 21).

For a very long time now, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake has repeated the mantra that the speed cameras are not about the money, but for the safety of Baltimore citizens. But now we have Councilman Robert Curran saying, "Why don't we have them backup? What's going on? We're losing revenue."

And then there is Councilwoman Helen Holton's statement that "I look at the revenue that other jurisdictions are getting and ask, 'Why would we not?'"

Then to top it off, Councilman James B. Kraft wants to hire more staff to sort through the huge pile of documents from the mess Xerox State and Local Solutions and Brekford Corp. left the city with. Does this mean that more taxpayer money is needed to deal with this never-ending train wreck?

There just doesn't seem to be the moral fabric in place to have a speed camera system work efficiently in the city. The motivation is wrong, the companies that run the speed cameras seem to have to be heavily policed and from the people I have talked to, they all feel like they have been robbed when they received a ticket.

Why on earth is the city still considering bringing the speed cameras back?

Christopher Winslow, Baltimore

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