Sun slow to report on stabbing [Letter]

The recent article regarding the Federal Hill stabbing and the neighborhood's complaints of a dearth of information regarding the incident should have mentioned The Sun as part of the problem ("Neighbors question lack of information after stabbing in Federal Hill," Aug. 19). If this had been a bunch of white thugs beating up a black kid in Ruxton, this would have been in Monday's paper with a completely different tenor — like outrage and call for social justice — and we would have had the race industry folks (the Revs. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson) in town.

This is obviously a 'hate crime" and should be handled as one, but I doubt The Sun will portray it as such. I find it interesting that the last sentence of the recent editorial, "Spin v. reality in Md. job numbers" (Aug. 20), talks to political spin being not so good. Does that mean The Sun is going from a policy of "ideology trumps honesty" to "honesty is the best policy?" That would be a welcome change for the paper.

If so, show it as facts come out about the Federal Hill stabbing.

Lyle Rescott, Marriottsville

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