It will take a historic breakthrough for Hamas to agree to give up its arms [Letter]

I am a Jewish American and a lifelong and committed Zionist who wholeheartedly agrees with Caroline Poplin's recent commentary ("A costly victory for Israel," Aug. 7).

However, it requires some minor corrections. First, most Middle Eastern observers agree that returning to the Israel's original pre-1967 borders cannot work. It leaves Israel with indefensible borders in the event of a future conflict and excludes some large adjacent, long-standing legal settlements. The solution is to return to the pre-1967 borders with mutually agreed adjustments.


Second, and most important, Hamas, an internationally designated terrorist organization that currently governs Gaza, must be permanently disarmed under strict, internationally supervised enforcement.

Hopefully, the citizens of Gaza will vote to allow the Palestine Authority to reclaim governance of Gaza, ousting Hamas. This will be the real challenge.


When in the annals of history has a terrorist organization ever agreed to disarm voluntarily? This will have to be an historic breakthrough.

Jack Kinstlinger, Towson


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